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I think you'll appreciate the rap more if you first watch the speech (by Gary Yourofsky) that inspired me to write it.  


You can find Gary's speech on my homepage (he's the guy in the white T-shirt) or click here and then select the first option (The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear).


by Vivian Chinelli


Gary is an activist and educator filled with compassion, with a passion for justice that isn’t yet in fashion.  An animal lover who’s fought for animals that we forgot and he’ll never stop.  I’ll never stop.


He freed the minks from a farm where the farmers bore arms to slaughter all the animals and cause them great harm.  Against some advice, for saving animals’ lives, he paid the price, got arrested, then they banished him twice.  The UK and Canada, they don’t want him either.


He’s a leader, not a meat eater, beater, or cheater.  Connection and protection.  He’s spreading the news so that we can have the information from which to choose.


And now it’s time for introductions.  Gary will speak.  Here’s a spoiler alert, or a sneak peek, he isn’t meek. Hate or adore, Gary might make you sore, but he will rock you to the core and have you begging for more.


“Hello, I’m Gary Yourofsky and I’m not here to change you, rearrange you, take your religion, or estrange you.  You can keep your politics, social media clicks, get your Breaking News fix, and keep on doing all your old tricks.


Listen to Ted Nugent if you really like his voice.  My intention’s not to take away, or make you change your voice choice.  Just wanna connect you to the person that you once were, loving scales and feathers and the animals with fur, sir.


I’m here to challenge your beliefs.  I’ll be intense, get you off the fence.  Put in my two cents.  Love and empathy are my defense.  Do unto others.  They’re our sisters and brothers.  They have families like us and they are fathers and mothers.


Mistreat them then we eat them all without a grain of blame, shame!  Open your eyes to the bullshit and the lies game.  Names like beef and bacon in an effort to disguise guys.  They cry out in pain, in vain.  It’s insane!


Non-fiction, meat addiction, domination, these are more words.  It’s a grave abomination moving backwards and not forwards.  The most important four words, but sadly most ignored words,  ‘Thou Shall Not Kill.’


Watch some footage, you’ll be shocked, confused and conflicted.  You’ll see the pain you pay for and just how it’s inflicted.  Don’t turn away.  Do more than pray for the animals we brutalize, day after each and every day.


We pick and choose who to brutalize and then decide to slaughter.  You won’t show those graphic photos to your son or to your daughter ‘cause they’ll look you in the eye and cry.  Then ask you, why … why that precious pig or calf or chick had to die.


My speech is almost over now.  My plan was to inspire.  Require you to think and raise your consciousness higher.  I hope that in your belly is desire on fire, so now what are you going to do?”


It’s on you.

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