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(poem 89)

by Vivian Chinelli

Veganism is not a diet. 

Veganism is not a fad. 

Veganism is the belief that harming animals is bad. 


Veganism isn’t something that

you chose and then reject. 

Veganism is a core value of

compassion and respect, and

then acting in accordance with what

your heart says is true –

that we shouldn’t be killing animals

for neither me nor you.


I spoke with a man yesterday

who very casually reported,

“I tried it for a week. That's enough."  

Then I retorted, 

“That’s akin to denouncing oppression

for just one week,” I said, “my friend.”

He then understood the parallels and

admitted in the end, “What I did was

try a plant-based diet.

I didn't walk my talk at all.

But today I see things clearly.

I’m now vegan for life,

standing proud and tall.”

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