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Dear Women of Planet Earth

What if?


What if explorers from another galaxy traveled to Earth and came up with an evil plan to enslave you, sexually violate you to keep you perpetually pregnant and lactating, snatch your precious newborn from your bosom to exploit, brutalize and ultimately put to death … all to forcibly steal your milk - intended for your own beloved baby, to selfishly use for their own consumption?!




Then when you were too weak to impregnate anymore they killed you to make a “human” burger out of your still young but abused and broken-down body.


Imagine if you screamed out to let them know how physically and emotionally painful this was for you and your family … but they just didn’t care.


What if they were indifferent to your piercing cries and fear-filled eyes because acknowledging your pain would require them to question a system that skillfully conditioned them over time (without them even realizing it) to turn a blind eye to your suffering?

Well, then that cruel and violent behavior would go on and on ... just as it goes on today on animal farms and in slaughterhouses that we, women, support every time we purchase beef (mother cows and their stolen offspring), veal (caged and terrorized baby calves), and milk products like cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and butter (products that are made from milk that was forcibly taken from a traumatized mother cow who would otherwise have used it to bond with, feed and nourish her own precious offspring).


We can’t possibly be perpetuating the same unthinkable system … can we?!


So now just imagine if just one of those galactic travelers had the courage and compassion not only to face the truth but to do something to change it.  What if she went against the tide and chose to speak out against the violence?  If only!


Well, we – mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts, (dads, sons, brothers, and uncles) – can also speak out and change the gruesome fate of innocent animals once and for all.


We talk a lot about speaking "truth to power," but in this case, we are the power!  It is we who have the ability (without having to wait for the approval of any politician or any bill or law) to reject cruelty in all of its ugly forms just by saying “NO MORE!”


Even if we love animal “products,” it just can’t be right to give a thumbs-up to abusing an innocent animal and then taking its life, all in exchange for a single burger (or a slice of cheese or a cup of frozen yogurt) … especially when so many of us have easy access to alternative, healthy foods.  (And do we really want to continue feeding our families tortured and traumatized animals?!)


If we committed to rethinking our diets, we could develop different eating habits (and cravings), and create new and loving traditions … simply by dishing up amazing meals and snacks that wouldn’t require animals to suffer in the process.


Let’s face it – we can do anything we put our minds to!


Years ago, only a small minority of people knew the violent truth about animal farming, so our children couldn’t blame us for continuing to serve them products of that violence.  But now that we do know that every year, humans forcibly breed into existence, exploit, torture, mutilate, and then kill over 65 billion (and growing) land animals and trillions of ocean animals for our eating pleasure, how can we go on pretending that we are not directly involved in perpetuating the violence?  How can we go on doing what we’ve always done “just because” we’ve always done it that way?


Women of Planet Earth … what if we all conspired together like a band of Wonder Women with a mission to show our children what respect, compassion, and empathy … FOR ALL … really means?  Think of the powerful message of peace and the amazing legacy of love we would be leaving not only for our children but for generations to come.  How empowering and amazing would that be??!!


And really, what other choice do we have?  If we require the truth, we need to be brave enough to face it.  If we want this world to be a more loving and peaceful place, we need to initiate that change ourselves.  If we want to show strength, we need to harness our power to speak out and stand up for all living beings on this earth who deserve to live a life free of cruelty, pain, and suffering!  Just like we do!


Finally, imagine how proud we would be of ourselves if we chose to more fully align our life’s practices with our collective core value of treating others the way we want to be treated.  It’s a choice worthy of serious consideration, don’t you think?!


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