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PONY RIDE (poem 88)

by Vivian Chinelli

The sweet little pony goes around

and around

then around

and around

then around

and around

then around

all day.

With kids on her back she

walks clickety-clack and

though she's exhausted

makes no sound

all day.

The kids kick her side to

make her go faster.

She's a slave to their pleasure

and they are her master.

So there's nothing she can do but

follow the path that goes around

and around 

then around.

She yearns to be free

and play in the field with 

the weight off her back,

but her fate has been sealed.

No matter how thirsty, or hungry,

or in pain, she goes around

then around

and around.

Poor little pony.

Have pity on her plight.

Write letters.  Start a protest.

Please do what is right to 

stop this injustice to 

show that you care.

Fight injustice at pony rides

and, of course, EVERYWHERE!

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